esp lost connection

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esp lost connection

#1 Post by megamarco83 » 04 Sep 2019, 15:01

hi, i have a nodemcu with espeasy build 20190226
every two or three days i lost connection of nodecmu and not respond anymore also http is not responding.
the only solution is power off manually and power on again, in this case become working again.
it's stressful because happened one a week minimum.
i try to change nodemcu, or flash again, or change version but noting change.
i use as device: pulse plugin (refresh every 30sec) ; DS1820sensor (refresh avery 40sec) ; and PCF to control 8ch relay
domoticz controll with http and mqtt enabled.

how i can solve?
wifi signal is good.
i also see that sometimes (once a day minimum) the esp reboot by itself.

if it's usefull i can post a log, if someone tell me how i have to export a usefull log.

if someone has suggestion please let me know.

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Re: esp lost connection

#2 Post by ThomasB » 04 Sep 2019, 18:17

Thanks to TD-er, the releases after mega-20190827 might fix the WiFi hangs. So try flashing the latest Mega version.

- Thomas

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Re: esp lost connection

#3 Post by megamarco83 » 04 Sep 2019, 18:31

hi and thanks for reply.
i'll update to this version.

just a question: i need to select somethin of this option in advance menu?
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eg: "restart wifi lost connection" what should do?
force wifi no sleep? could help?
periodical send gratuitos ARP could help?


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Re: esp lost connection

#4 Post by TD-er » 04 Sep 2019, 18:39

See here for an explanation of the options: ... p#advanced

Gratuitous ARP is one you may want to check if you sometimes experience the node does not react anymore, or only after 10 - 60 seconds retrying.

Force WiFi B/G if you currently have a low RSSI value (< -70 dB)
Connection Failure Threshold will trigger a reboot if there have been a lot of failed connect attempts. So for example if you experience what you did experience (should not happen anymore ;) )
Best to leave it at 0, unless needed otherwise.

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