Repurpose of non-working wifi LED bulb

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Repurpose of non-working wifi LED bulb

#1 Post by dotvav » 09 Oct 2019, 11:43

My wife bought a bunch of "Magic Home Pro" wifi bulbs on some Chinese marketplace. Most of them work well but 2 of them will not accept connections and pairing. I noticed that whenever I turn them on, they stay on for ~5 seconds, and then they turn of and on again with a blink. The merchant refunded us for the 2 bulbs and I figured I would open them and see what's inside. I found that these are simple ESP8285 powered boards. I am pretty sure that the ESP mod is functionnal as I can see the Wifi access point going live when the light is on. I feel like the PSU stage might be faulty, causing the device to reset every ~5 seconds. I would like to test this assumption and, if it is correct, find a way to bypass it with a custom one and repurpose the whole board.

Here are pictures of the board:

The 2 black wires were connected to the bulb base and are labelled ACN and ACL so there is no doubt that they are taking the 220V AC in.

I was quite happy to see that it has the "RX" and "TX" pads ready for reprogramming but I wasn't able to figure out what voltage to use and where. The board has 2 "GND" and 3 "V+" pads (one hidden below a capacitor). I guess the ESP mod should be supplied with 3.3V DC and the LED board should require 12V DC. I am not sure how to test this. Any hint or recommendation other than pluging it in with 220AC and testing with a voltmetre (sorry I don't want to die over a 8€ crap)?

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