RFLink <=> Livolo support (ON/OFF mode instead of Toogle mode)

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RFLink <=> Livolo support (ON/OFF mode instead of Toogle mode)

#1 Post by shalwia » 09 Nov 2019, 12:54

I'm using Domoticz & RFLink set to control some of my home appliances (blinds etc.). Some time ago I bought a few Livolo wall switches supporting 433 Mhz communication (mainly due to the fact that it was stated on RFLink official website it's supporting Livolo).

After installation of the wall switches I have a problem to synchronize it properly with the Domoticz. The problem is that I can't set a different codes for ON and OFF switch mode. The switch is working just in the toggle mode, which makes controlling the devices quite confusing (e.g. it may appear that I switch on light instead of switching it off etc.). I have reviewed the threads on this forum and look for some help in the Google but seems nobody discovered if (and how) it's possible to solve it somehow.

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Re: RFLink <=> Livolo support (ON/OFF mode instead of Toogle mode)

#2 Post by ligeza » 12 Nov 2019, 09:31

It is no possible. Livolo only support toggle mode.
What you could try though is use a single remote ID and have all of the switches that you want learn first a toogle button (let’s say button 10), and then have them learn the On Only Scene button. This way you can turn them on with the On Only scene button, and turn them off with the remote’s ALL OFF button.
To be more specific, when you have a switch learn a remote’s TOGGLE BUTTON, then the switch will also respond to the remote’s ALL OFF button (no need to teach it the all off).

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Re: RFLink <=> Livolo support (ON/OFF mode instead of Toogle mode)

#3 Post by Flying Domotic » 13 Nov 2019, 11:05

I had the same problem with other hardware. I solved it by sending to Domoticz current state of the device (on or off), and adding a small piece of LUA code that send a toggle command only if required state is different of current state.

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