Howto .... 7 segment display plugin

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Howto .... 7 segment display plugin

#1 Post by cyberclwn » 24 Dec 2019, 23:39


I have a max7219 dot matrix-board (4x 8x8) connected to a wemos d1 mini, but it is not working correctly.

Have checked the connections multiple times, the gpio's are connect to the right pins (DIN, CLK, CS).
But it looks like it is just showing the middle bit of the time on all 4 panels, as if the orientation is wrong ...
e.g. if time is 23:25:00 is shows the last 2 colomns of the 5, the : (but misformed too) and first 1 or 2 rows of the seconds .. but some, dots are different ... (this because there is movement of the dots .. on bottom and left side of the panels.

Are there more settings needed for this plugin to be used ?

I use the firmware "ESP_Easy_mega-20191208_normal_ESP8266_4M1M".
GPIO: 13/D7 (DIN), 12D6 (CLK) and 14/D5 (CS). i have also tried it with d0, d1 and d2 ... same result
The boot state's are default.
On the Hardware-tab, i disabled i2C (no gpio's).

Should SPI Interface be enabled? I have tried on/of, no change...

Am i doing something wrong, or do i have a faulty max7219?
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Re: Howto .... 7 segment display plugin

#2 Post by grovkillen » 25 Dec 2019, 01:41

As far as I know the dot panel is not yet supported.
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