Pulse: no event for first status change?

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Pulse: no event for first status change?

#1 Post by MajinJoko » 02 Jan 2020, 14:51

When using command "pulse", I get an event only for the final status of the pin.

Once I enable the Monitor for GPIO13, when I run "Pulse,13,1,500" via mqtt command topic, I see:

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425103 : Info  : SW   : GPIO 13 Pulsed for 500 mS
425160 : Info  : EVENT: GPIO#13=0
I think it should also create an event for GPIO#13=1 (when the Pulse start).
Is it a bug?

My current build: mega-20191208

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Re: Pulse: no event for first status change?

#2 Post by grovkillen » 02 Jan 2020, 15:29

Yes that would be expected. Please open a new issue on GitHub.
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