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#1 Post by iron » 06 Jan 2020, 16:51

Using mcp23017 we get 16 GPIOs (A0-A7 / B0-B7).

Under mcpgpio we can trigger pins 1 to 16 as expected.

Monitoring the pins we can get the status of those pins as well.

For some reason I can get the status of "mcpgio,0"

"log": "",
"plugin": 9,
"pin": 0,
"mode": "input",
"state": 0

I assume this is not supposed to exist and I shall ignore it ?

BTW shouldn't syntax of status be "status,mcpgpio,x" to ease the obvious ?


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Re: status,mcp,0

#2 Post by TD-er » 07 Jan 2020, 16:26

Maybe you can also test the test build of this PR:
There is some work in progress regarding moving the GPIO handling into single functions, regardless where there are used (still a huge work in progress)

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