Espeasy and Reyax Lora or HC-12 communication

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Espeasy and Reyax Lora or HC-12 communication

#1 Post by jarbeni » 09 Mar 2020, 23:12


is there any way to make two Wemos D1 board talk to each other using serial communication used by Reyax Lora or HC-12?

I know I can receive messages from over 10 kilometers away using Reyax module with Arduino Nano.

I would prefer using Espeasy more than arduino because I can access it then with my phone using wifi, and it just seem more easy to use and modify than hard coding everythin to arduino.

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Re: Espeasy and Reyax Lora or HC-12 communication

#2 Post by TD-er » 10 Mar 2020, 02:14

The only Lora support we currently have in ESPEasy is using the Microchip RN2483.
That controller is still in development, but I have some dev boards running here for the last few weeks now and it does seem to work quite well.

I have it running via TTN, so not sure if you can also use those with direct node to node communication. (TTN uses LoRaWAN, not LoRa and uses gateways)

Later I will also add support for the SX127x and SX126x chips, but then you need to have quite a real time response, so maybe that can only be done well on ESP32.

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