Which flash for SONOFF Basic

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Which flash for SONOFF Basic

#1 Post by JR01 » 14 Mar 2020, 00:02

Hi - have not flashed some Sonoff's since 2018-11 - probably time. But do not feel like taking them out the wall again to do it. On it's front page it says:

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Free Mem:	14200 (12272 - sendContentBlocking)
Free Stack:	3520 (1696 - parseTemplate3)
Will this flash work OTA for it?

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Re: Which flash for SONOFF Basic

#2 Post by TD-er » 14 Mar 2020, 00:54

The minimal OTA versions should fit, but they do require the small 2-step build as intermediate sketch.

The numbers you show are not about the build size, bit about the RAM usage.

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