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String Variable

Posted: 28 Oct 2020, 09:40
by wiredcharlie
Please forgive me if this is covered in the docs, but if it is, there is not an example I can understand.

I want to use a string variable:

Let,4,"Bedroom" // Room

Then later:


Please help!


Re: String Variable

Posted: 28 Oct 2020, 11:01
by TD-er
The variables cannot store strings. (as of now, is planned for future features)
However, you can use them as parameters in an event (perhaps not using a comma or space)

Just as a test to show you how to use it.

Sending an event via the Tools page (command input line)

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And the rules to use them to create a log entry:

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on eventname do
  LogEntry,'Values %eventvalue1% %eventvalue2% %eventvalue3% %eventvalue4%'
The entry in the log:

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65248 : Info   :  Webserver args: 0: 'cmd' length: 27
65260 : Info   : EVENT: eventname=bla,2,3,4
So I guess you could place this sendToHttp all inside your own event wrapper and simply use it as if it is a function call.

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on mysendevent do
And call it using something like this:

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Only thing I'm not entirely sure of is whether "%2b%eventvalue2%" will still work.
I guess it should work as the matching strings will be replaced and %2b% is not likely to match anything.