plugin list by firmware

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plugin list by firmware

#1 Post by zenonmb » 23 Jun 2022, 22:28


Is there any easy way to find out which plugins are included in which firmware? .
All the FW versions are here
Plugins here ... al-plugins
but how do I correlate them? Need to scroll all pages and do search by plug in
Also in the windows flasher tool there are some FW and again is very difficult to select the right one(based on specific plugin).
Any alternative?
BTw, I am looking a FW for P091 or P165(not sure if both do the same) to have under devices "Serial MCU controlled switches"

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Re: plugin list by firmware

#2 Post by Ath » 23 Jun 2022, 23:19

You have found the correct list of plugins, that is about 99% correct (I think 1 or 2 plugins are missing from the list because they are not documented, f.e P096 is not there yet, but work is done on that already, just not merged yet, and between P121 and P134 there is some work in progress, also not merged yet).

In that same list the Build Set column lists the build you need.
NORMAL are in all NORMAL and TESTING builds,
TESTING builds are like NORMAL, with more plugins, but some logging and similar features disabled to make it fit in available sketch space.
TESTING A..E contain all NORMAL and TESTING without A..E suffix plugins, plus a group of extra plugins.

When finding plugin P091, you will find TESTING C in the Build Set column, so you should use the .bin files with TEST_C in the name (TESTING is abbreviated to TEST in the filenames...).

Plugin P165 is a number not in this list, because it originates in the PluginPlayground, and that has a separate numbering sequence (used to be 100+, but the regular ESPEasy plugins already have reached P133 ;))
This plugin has been migrated from the playground to the main repository as P091, so you won't be needing that anymore. And if you would, you also have to compile your own .bin file, as these playground plugins are not available in any of the builds. And many of these playground plugins have not been adapted to the many changes (improvements) that have been applied to the ESPEasy code.

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Re: plugin list by firmware

#3 Post by garyfry » 19 Jul 2022, 11:08

Thanks for looking into it and figuring it out.

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