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Notice: This page is transitioning to a new format. The revised Plugin List can be found here: readthedocs

There's three different released versions of ESP Easy: NORMAL, TESTING, and DEVELOPMENT.
NORMAL is the stable release, you can consider these plugins reliable and you can use these in production.
TESTING is the release with new plugins that have not yet been fully tested and proven stable.
DEVELOPMENT is used for plugins that are still being developed and are not considered stable at all.

Long list of plugins that are in the main branch of ESP Easy.
Plugin number Plugin status Plugin type Github link Comment
P001 NORMAL Switch Input P001_Switch.ino
P002 NORMAL Analog Input P002_ADC.ino
P003 NORMAL Generic P003_Pulse.ino
P004 NORMAL Environment P004_Dallas.ino
P005 NORMAL Environment P005_DHT.ino
P006 NORMAL Environment P006_BMP085.ino
P007 NORMAL Extra IO P007_PCF8591.ino
P009 NORMAL Extra IO P009_MCP.ino
P010 NORMAL Light/Lux P010_BH1750.ino
P011 NORMAL Extra IO P011_PME.ino
P012 NORMAL Display P012_LCD.ino
P013 NORMAL Distance P013_HCSR04.ino
P014 NORMAL Environment P014_SI7021.ino
P015 NORMAL Light/Lux P015_TSL2561.ino
P016 NORMAL Communication P016_IR.ino
P017 NORMAL RFID P017_PN532.ino
P018 NORMAL Dust P018_Dust.ino
P019 NORMAL Switch input P019_PCF8574.ino
P020 NORMAL Communication P020_Ser2Net.ino
P021 NORMAL Regulator P021_Level.ino
P022 NORMAL Extra IO P022_PCA9685.ino
P023 NORMAL Display P023_OLED.ino
P024 NORMAL Environment P024_MLX90614.ino
P025 NORMAL Analog input P025_ADS1115.ino
P026 NORMAL Generic P026_Sysinfo.ino
P027 NORMAL Energy (DC) P027_INA219.ino
P028 NORMAL Environment P028_BME280.ino
P029 NORMAL Output P029_Output.ino
P030 NORMAL Environment P030_BMP280.ino
P031 NORMAL Environment P031_SHT1X.ino
P032 NORMAL Environment P032_MS5611.ino
P033 NORMAL Generic P033_Dummy.ino
P034 NORMAL Environment P034_DHT12.ino
P035 NORMAL Communication P035_IRTX.ino
P036 NORMAL Display P036_FrameOLED.ino
P037 NORMAL Generic P037_MQTTImport.ino
P038 NORMAL Output P038_NeoPixel.ino
P039 NORMAL Environment P039_Thermocouple.ino
P040 NORMAL RFID P040_ID12.ino
P041 NORMAL Output P041_NeoClock.ino
P042 NORMAL Output P042_Candle.ino
P043 NORMAL Output P043_ClkOutput.ino
P044 NORMAL Communication P044_P1WifiGateway.ino
P045 NORMAL Gyro P045_MPU6050.ino
P046 TESTING Hardware P046_VentusW266.ino This one is suppressed by default, you need to compile your own version if you want to use it.
P047 TESTING Environment P047_i2c-soil-moisture-sensor.ino
P048 TESTING Motor P048_Motorshield_v2.ino Adafruit Motorshield
P049 NORMAL Gases P049_MHZ19.ino
P050 DEVELOPMENT Color P050_TCS34725.ino
P051 TESTING Environment P051_AM2320.ino
P052 NORMAL Gases P052_SenseAir.ino
P053 TESTING Dust P053_PMSx003.ino
P054 TESTING Communication P054_DMX512.ino
P055 TESTING Notify P055_Chiming.ino
P056 DEVELOPMENT Dust P056_SDS011-Dust.ino
P057 TESTING Display P057_HT16K33_LED.ino
P058 TESTING Keypad P058_HT16K33_KeyPad.ino
P059 NORMAL Switch input P059_Encoder.ino
P060 TESTING Analog input P060_MCP3221.ino
P061 TESTING Keypad P061_KeyPad.ino
P062 TESTING Keypad P062_MPR121_KeyPad.ino
P063 NORMAL Keypad P063_TTP229_KeyPad.ino
P064 DEVELOPMENT Gesture P064_APDS9960.ino
P065 TESTING Notify P065_DRF0299_MP3.ino
P066 TESTING Color P066_VEML6040.ino
P067 TESTING Weight P067_HX711_Load_Cell.ino
P068 TESTING Environment P068_SHT3x.ino
P069 TESTING Environment P069_LM75A.ino
P070 TESTING Output P070_NeoPixel_Clock.ino This one is suppressed by default, you need to compile your own version if you want to use it.
P071 TESTING Communication P071_Kamstrup401.ino
P072 TESTING Environment P072_HDC1080.ino
P073 TESTING Display P073_7DGT.ino
P074 TESTING Light/Lux P074_TSL2591.ino
P075 TESTING Display P075_Nextion.ino LCD Color Graphic Touch Screen. Plugin can update display and receive/send touch events.
P076 TESTING Energy (AC) P076_HLW8012.ino
P077 TESTING Energy (AC) P077_CSE7766.ino This plugin is specifically made for Sonoff devices Sonoff S31 and Sonoff Pow R2
P078 TESTING Energy (AC) P078_Eastron.ino
P079 NORMAL Motor P079_Wemos_Motorshield.ino Supports Wemos V1.0 and Lolin V2.0 Motorshields
P080 TESTING Switch input P080_DallasIButton.ino
P081 TESTING Generic P081_Cron.ino
P082 TESTING Position P082_GPS.ino
P083 TESTING Gases P083_SGP30.ino
P084 TESTING UV P084_VEML6070.ino
P085 TESTING Energy P085_AcuDC243.ino
P086 TESTING Generic P086_Homie.ino
P088 IR_EXTENDED Energy (Heat) P088_HeatpumpIR.ino This plugin is available in the _IRext_ bin file releases
P089 TESTING Communication P089_Ping.ino
P090 TESTING Gases P090_CCS811.ino
P091 TESTING Switch Input P091_SerSwitch.ino
P092 TESTING Heating P092_DLbus.ino Not available in builds using LIMIT_BUILD_SIZE directive.
P093 TESTING Energy (Heat) P093_MitsubishiHP.ino Not available in builds using LIMIT_BUILD_SIZE directive.
P094 TESTING Communication P094_CULReader.ino
P095 TESTING Display P095_ILI9341.ino
P097 TESTING Internal P097_Esp32Touch.ino
P100 TESTING Pulse Counter P100_DS2423_counter.ino Not available in builds using LIMIT_BUILD_SIZE directive.
P101 TESTING Communication P101_WakeOnLan.ino