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Many people have requested some sort of local level control on the ESP Easy. This is something that would normally be handled by the Home Automation controller. But if you really need to have something like a locally controlled heater, you could use the Level Control plugin.


The ESP module can be used as a level controlling device, think of a simple temperature control unit. Use a DS18B20 temperature sensor and a solid state relay to control a heater. Connect this solid state relay to a GPIO pin.


Depends on what you want to control. For a 220 Volts heater, you could use classic or solid state relay.


You need to connect a relay to the selected GPIO.


ESP Easy


You have to enter some IDX, even if this is not used. In this sample, we have connected a DS18B20 sensor and the heater is controlled using GPIO 12. We have set the required temperature to 21 degree with a hysteresis of 1 degree.

Remote Threshold configuration

(feature implemented only on github version as of Aug 8th, 2017)

This plugin has the ability to change the Treshold (Set value in the GUI) with a command that can be send through HTTP/MQTT.



Example if your task name is set to "heater" and the threshold needs to be 21 degrees:


Get/Display Threshold value

(feature implemented only on github version as of Aug 8th, 2017)

This plugin offers a feature to retrieve the Treshold value so it can be displayed on an LCD screen or a custom web page. The mechanism is similar to how we retrieve task values using but instead of a valuename, we specify "getLevel":


So if your task is named "heater", you can display the threshold value using:


Mini Dashboard

The Mini Dashboard feature introduced on Aug 8th can be used to display and control the Level control plugin. You have to add one or more Custom Web Pages to implement this.

Optional settings

Use of value names