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The ESP module can read a basic switch to send a state or dimmer value to your controller.

The input switch needs to be connected to a configurable GPIO on the ESP module.


Connext a switch between ground and the GPIO pin.



Custom Sketch

ESP Easy

Use the device tab on the ESP Easy webinterface and create a new task by editing one of the available tasks. Select "Switch Input" from the dropdown box.


Enter the IDX found in the Domoticz device page. Also select the GPIO pin that you have used to connect the switch device. That should be all for a default switch.

Other settings:

You can also select between Switch and Dimmer. If you want the ESP Easy to set a fixed dimmer value to the controller, select Dimmer on this dropdown:


Click Submit and an additional field will be shown to enter the dimmer set value:


Instead of a conventional state or latching push button, you could also use a momentary push button switch. In this case the ESP Easy will toggle between on/off.


Push Button Active Low: Action if input pin tied to ground

Push Button Active HIGH: Action if input pin tied to VCC (3V3)

Optional settings

Use of value names

ESP Connexio