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Hello everyone.

I'm from Italy, I live in Italy but travel around the globe thanks to my job; I have always been involved in electronics, initially as an hobbist, then I studied and got a bachelor in Electonic Engineering. I started to work in the late 80s with the first computers (started with ZX81 and since then pretty much every computer ever existed including Silicon GFX workstations) and as well got fashinated by the easy of programming them with high level languages (so far all I was doing was written in Assembler). After few year of programmers I got back to my original studies and started to work for an emerging company in the industrial digital printing market and here I become a field engineer, and then it was when I start to travel to install, maintain and fix those pioneristic devices! Long story short I then was moving a big multinational company (where I'm still employeed today) but then few years ago moved more to the managerial side leaving both travelling and hands-on working on those presses. But as you can't escape from your first love as soon as microcontrollers become so popular I began to be interested in them as I could combine my passion for hardware and my past skills as programmer. Today that's my main hobby, I started wioth lots of basic projects and now I'm in constant upgrade/update my home automation system; of course ESP8266 is in the majority of my projects and I still believe it did not discover its full potentials in the IoT world. As a "brain" for my system, as many of you, I do use a Raspberry PI (actually 2 of them) but as I never liked any "cooked" solution I am using NodeRed as an high-level aggregator for all my devices, with all the freedom to inerconnect with a visual editor all my home.

As maybe you can guess I don't like a lot "premade" devices, so I like, time permitting, to design my own PCBs and devices to act exactly as per my needs; I will star shareing here my projects (mostly hardware of course) of which some (few!!) are completed and many more under developping.


Power Plug with HLW8012
3 Relay module for distribution box
8 Relay module with MCP23017