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Hello, dear reader.

That's me in a nutshell:

 - Born in the beginning 60's
 - Living in Germany
 - Started in the 70's with an apprenticeship as TV/radio-technician
 - Worked as a tech guy for a company developing devices for fishkeeping (pH, ORP and analytics)
 - back to school, training as a hardware IT tech.
 - worked several years in computer support
 - Nowadays system administrator for a company in Germany.

Home Control

For my apartment i use several devices for home control. The base is a small low power PC running FHEM as controlling software besides some other things like DHCP, DNS and such. FHEM is somewhat difficult to start with. On the other side it is very versatile and has a nice support community and many developers. Maybe have a look into the documentation.

I'm using the FHEM ESPEasy bridge making the integration of devices very simple. In fact, the basic integration works fully automatically.

For some control purposes I use a CUNX-box, a cigarette box sized transceiver. It is connected via ethernet and provides a 433MHZ and a 868 MHz transceiver. With this box FHEM can control cheap "InterTechno" outlet switches and the !MAX and HM-devices.

ESPEasy is used for sensors and actors i can't buy or if i need combinations that simply do not exist on market or are not affordable.

Over time I'll publish some of my ESP projects here. Hopefully it will give some startup help for you.

Regards Shardan


All projects described here are developed and prototyped by me.

Please understand that I can't guarantee that the projects are free of errors and work for your desired purpose.

If something goes wrong and it does not work, I will try to help.
Anyways the possibilities to help are limited as i can't see what you have built.

Suggestions and corrections are welcome.

And last but not least:

  Some projects use mains voltage.
    Mains voltage is dangerous!
 These projects are for experts only.


Dustsensor with GP2Y10 (Outdated,no PCB availlable)

Universal Room Sensor

Universal Room Sensor (Outdated, no PCB availlable)


IR-Transceiver (Outdated,no PCB availlable!)
IR-Remote new version


PowerBox - Power supply with 2ch relay/ssr