Hi all. Im newbie.

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Re: Hi all. Im newbie.

#1 Post by marstu » 12 Jan 2022, 00:07

Welcome, and enjoy your new hobby.
ESP8266, ESPEasy (always latest mega release in use :D ), and Domoticz (only beta versions :) )

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Re: Hi all. Im newbie.

#2 Post by jennyluce » 13 Jan 2022, 11:20

hiii I am also newbie

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Re: Hi all. Im newbie.

#3 Post by dynamicdave » 13 Jun 2022, 08:03

That's a wide-open question with loads of potential answers.

What hardware, software and sensors have you access to?

I assume you are running ESPeasy on some sort of platform (which one)?

Can you give us some idea of what projects previous students at your university have tackled?

Also is this a first year or final year project?

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Re: Hi all. Im newbie.

#4 Post by TD-er » 13 Jun 2022, 12:43

@dynamicdave, that's a spammer, who already put in links in the reply to other sites.

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