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Over time a lot of tutorials, howto's and other help texts for ESPEasy have been written.
As usual with growing text collections they were spread over the wiki, making them difficult to find.

This page was created to collect all these helps into one place for convenient use.

What's Here?

You will find several chapters here:

  • Basics: The basics were written to give some general understanding of how things like I²C or an ADC work.
  • Tutorials & Howto's: Guidance for specific tasks or solving specific problems.
  • Listings: Listings of commands and similar.

For easy use we added a short abstract with all links.

KIS - Keep It Simple!

None of the articles you will find makes the claim to be complete or scientific exact.
An example: It's easy to write a book about analog to digital converters, including a lot of
theory, mathematics and diagrams. Would this really help you? Most likely it will not, at least
not for ESPEasy and home automation in an acceptable time span.

The descriptions are kept as simple as possible. They are written to give enough
knowledge to carry out your tasks and solve your problems.


Explanations of basic functions and methods used with ESPEasy.

Analog to Digital Conversion

Basics: Analog to Digital Converters
How does conversion work? How can values be used?

Calibration and Accuracy

Basics: Calibration and Accuracy
Which accuracy can be expected from your sensors? How to calibrate sensors.

ESP Types and Boards

Basics: ESP8266 Types and Boards
Which boards exist, can they be used with ESPEasy?


How does a mechanical relay work? What is this diode good for?

Basics: Relays
Description of mechanical and electronic (SSR) relays. Connecting to the ESP and problem solving.

How to connect a relay board, description of SSR's, using Domoticz

False positives

Basics: Taming false positives
Help! I'm getting false poitives or wrong values from my sensor. What to do?

I²C Bus

Basics: The I²C Bus
How does the I²C bus work at all? How to connect a device or multiple devices? Trouble shooting.

Tutorials & Howto's

Step by step descriptions of usual tasks, guidances and more.

Flashing the ESP

How to flash ESPEasy to the ESP-Chip with the included flash tool.

Basics: Connecting and flashing the ESP8266
How to connect the ESP to your computer and flash the firmware.

How to use the Arduino IDE to flash the ESP.

First setup of ESPEasy

Setting up ESPEasy after flashing.

Using ESPEasy with your HomeControl

Using the ESP Easy as a simple input switch in Domoticz

Using the ESP Easy to control a LED or Relay from OpenHAB


Rules, a modest way to locally control something in ESP Easy


How to setup ESPEasy for GlobalSync, how to configure and use GlobalSync.


Tutorial Install Platformio
How to install PlatformIOm the compiling platform for ESPEasy .

Tutorial preparing to work with github
Preparing the PlatformIO IDE for using with github repository.
(Skip if you want to work offline).

Tutorial building and uploading with platformio
How to buiold the firmware .bin with PlatformIO and upload it.

Tutorial Contributing Back To ESPEasy If you have written your own plugin or solved a bug, this is the way hao you can contribute to ESPEasy.


Commands, pins.. the things of daily use.

Command Reference

ESPEasy Command Reference
All commands for ESPEasy

System Variables

ESPEasy System Variables
The system variables of ESPEasy.

Configuration / GPIO's

Description of the ESP8266 pins and how to use them.

Supported Sensors/Actuators

Listing of supported sensors and actuators.
The list contains the supported sensors and actuators.
Beware: Some devices are supported in the development or testing versions only!

Modded Hardware

Listing of hardware that can be modded to work with ESPEasy


EasyProtocols Listing and explanation of the protocols used by ESPEasy to communicate with home controllers.


Find working examples and demos here

Analog Pressure Sensor

Analog Pressure sensor
How to connect and use an analog pressure sensor.

DC Voltage Divider

DC Voltage divider
Example and explanation of DC voltage dividers.


How to use Sleepmode

User Projects

A growing number of user projects.
The projects are running devices built and tested by ESPEasy users.