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WIP.gifYou may hear some construction noise in the background...

Experimental !

Work is being done on a new experimental ESP Easy Mega edition. Roadmap for this edition:

  • It will use native SPIFFS support and all older custom flash access routines will be dropped
  • We move to the 1M SPIFFS model, so OTA will work with sketches up to 1.5MB sketch size on 4M modules
  • Fallback Wifi AP support in case your primary WiFi access point goes down or into maintenance
  • Support for multiple active controllers
  • Support for specific notification plugins
  • Native SD card support and system logging to SD card
  • Taskvalues are preserved during reboot (not after power loss!)
  • Multiple rule sets that can also be uploaded using the webgui
  • Some sort of flash protection mechanisme to prevent bricking your device due to 'dangerous' plugins
  • Several device plugins will be reworked and added to the main branch: NeoPixel, NeoPixel Candle, NeoPixel WordClock, ID12/RDM6300 RFID, Framed OLED, MQTT import, Thermocouple, P1 Wifi gateway, Timer Clock.

This version has now been renamed to ESPEasy version 2.

Development releases can be found here:

You should be able to upload this using OTA. If you're upgrading from an older ESPEasy version, the system will perform a full reset !!! So you will need to reconfigure the ESP Easy device from scratch!

Support and discussion

Source code development

  • Github (Go to the mega-branch instead of master!)