Sonoff DIY 1ch

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The Sonoff DIY 1ch is a relay unit. It is based on the ESP8285 chip and can control one relay.


Sonoff DIY 1ch 003.jpg

  • ESP chip version: ESP8285
  • Flash size: 1M
  • Onboard USB-TTL converter: No
  • GPIO's broken out/available to free use: None
  • GPIO tied to onboard hardware: 12 (Relay 10A@230VAC), 13 (LED red)
  • Power supply information: 5VDC (USB or wire in)
  • Antenna: onboard PCB antenna

Sonoff DIY 1ch 004.jpg



A programmer is needed to flash this device.

  Programmer     ESP
  TX      <-->   RX (fourth pin seen in picture above)
  RX      <-->   TX (third pin seen in picture above)

  5V      <-->   VCC (input power, also usb can be used)
  GND     <-->   GND (input power, common ground is preferred)

In order to get the unit in flash mode the GPIO-0 needs to be LOW. You find GPIO-0 on the second pin (marked "B" in picture below). Connect that pin to GND.